(1 Panel) (4-Color) (Two Sided) (With Bleed)

-C” = 100# Matte Cardstock

Size Specifications:

  • Live Image Area: 8.172 inches x 3.313 inches (588.375 points x 238.5 points)
  • Trim: (this is where the paper will be cut – Do not build to this size): 8.4375 inches x 3.625 inches (607.5 pts x 261 pts)
  • Bleed: 8.6875 inches x 3.875 inches (625.5 points x 279 points)

OCB44-C:  Is a Bleed** product, background images and art elements can extend to the Bleed size. Keep all layout elements that you don’t want to be trimmed or cropped, inside of the Live Image Area.

** IMPORTANT Note about Bleed Products: Valpak’s templates are intentionally built without bleed settings applied. If using a Valpak template and your product calls for a bleed, do not enter any bleed settings. Instead, simply build your layout according to the bleed margins designated on the template.

Click HERE to download the 1-Panel InDesign templates (Horizontal and Vertical Layouts).

Examples of properly built OCB44-C products:

Horizontal Layout visual showing where the Bleed, Trim and Live Area are located. 

How to build this product:


Horizontal Layout visual showing an incorrectly built OCB44-C product. Notice that there are text elements outside the Live Image Area. This will result in the text being trimmed when this is printed.


Horizontal Layout visual showing a correctly built OCB44-C product. The background is fully extending to the bleed size, and all the important layout elements are completely within the Live Image Area.

PDF (press ready) Ad Submission Guidelines: Click Here