Aug 152016


(2 Panel) (4-Color) (Two Sided) (No Bleed)

2 Panel Flyer

-W” = 54# matte paper

+I” = With Imprinting

Size Specifications:

  • Live Image Area: 8.1875 inches x 6.9861 inches (589.5 points x 503 points)
  • Trim: (this is where the paper will be cut – Do not build to this size) 8.4375 inches x 7.25 inches (607.5 points x 522 points)

2-Panel Oversized Flyer: Is a Non-Bleed product, build the layout using the Live Image Area size. Keep all layout elements that you don’t want to be trimmed or cropped, inside of the Live Image Area. This product can also be designed for imprinting.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO DESIGNERS: Valpak requires designating a 3 inch x .6 inch area of white space for the imprinting code. Click the link below for more details of the imprinting area.


We have InDesign Templates available!

Click HERE to download the 2-Panel InDesign templates (Horizontal Layouts).

Examples of properly built Oversized 2-Panel Flyer products:


The Oversized 2-Panel Flyer does not need to be designed in an imprinting format as seen above. The material type simply represents that the product is printed on oversized card stock paper. How the coupon layout is designed is entirely up to the advertiser.

Horizontal Layout visual showing the Trim and Live Area, and indicating where the Fold and Gutters are located:

Horizontal Layout visual showing where the Imprinting Area can be located:

The Imprinting Area is the available space for the Imprint Window. It must not be closer than .25″ from the Trim Area, and no more than 4″ from the Trim Area.

The Imprint Window is where the code will be printed, and it can be on the left or right side of the layout anywhere inside of the Imprinting Area.

**IMPORTANT IMPRINTING NOTE: The Imprint Window must be clear of all backgrounds, images, artwork or text.

For more information on imprinting, please contact your Valpak representative.

How to build this product:


Horizontal Layout visual showing an incorrectly built Oversized 2-Panel Flyer product. Notice that the “Call Now” button is outside the Live Image Area. This will result in the button being trimmed when this is printed.


Horizontal Layout visual showing a correctly built Oversized 2-Panel Flyer product. All of the layout elements are completely contained within the Live Image Area, and the Imprint Window is clear of all backgrounds, images, artwork or text.

PDF (press ready) Ad Submission Guidelines: Click Here

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