Due to their file size, we don’t support native Photoshop files otherwise known as PSDs in My Design Center.

We do however, offer full support for Tiffs with compression which has all the same features of a PSD (layers, smart objects, transparency, etc.) as well as lossless file compression.

What does this mean?

You can re-save a complex layered PSD file in the Tiff format and get every benefit you would have by submitting a PSD in terms of functionality and quality but with a much quicker upload time and full support directly within MDC.

Below are the steps for saving a layered Tiff with transparency.

Saving a “Transparent Tiff”

Below is an example of a typical layered file that could be saved as a PSD or as a Tiff with transparency.

We’re going to save it as a Tiff.

To begin, start with your normal save routine. When you get to the Save As dialog, go to the drop-down at the bottom and select TIFF.

After clicking Save, you’ll be presented with the TIFF Options dialog where you’ll select exactly how you’d like your Tiff saved.

The optimum settings for an image to be saved and uploaded to our system are displayed below:

Items highlighted in Red are the settings that are important for uploading to our system. The other options like Pixel Order and Byte Order are not important for our purposes.

Using ZIP for Image Compression ensures the smallest possible file for uploading. The file will upload quicker and work more smoothly in our system when saved with this setting.

Making sure there is a check mark in Save Transparency will ensure transparency is preserved when the file is used in a document. Not checking this box will result in a white background appearing anywhere there is transparency in the file.

If your file has layers, using Zip for Layer Compression will help ensure the smallest possible file for uploading which, like using Zip for Image Compression, will improve the upload speed of the file to our server and minimize issues due to file size once accepted into the system.

Saving as a Tiff and using these settings will allow you to upload and work with your files directly from within My Design Center without the need to upload files to the FTP server and provide additional instructions for locating them through MDC ensuring a faster, smoother workflow for everyone.