Jun 282012

Due to their file size, we don’t support native Photoshop files otherwise known as PSDs in My Design Center.

We do however, offer full support for Tiffs with compression which has all the same features of a PSD (layers, smart objects, transparency, etc.) as well as lossless file compression.

What does this mean?

You can re-save a complex layered PSD file in the Tiff format and get every benefit you would have by submitting a PSD in terms of functionality and quality but with a much quicker upload time and full support directly within MDC.

Below are the steps for saving a layered Tiff with transparency.

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Jun 262012



Both InDesign CS6 and CS5 use the same basic file structure for saving documents. Nothing changed between these two versions that prevents one from opening a file saved from the other.

Unfortunately, this isn’t true for earlier versions. If you’re working in CS6 or CS5 and sending a file to someone working in CS4, the file will need to be exported down to a format that InDesign CS4 can understand. For a look at what people using CS4 see when they try to open your document,

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