Aug 142011

Installing InDesign Scripts:


1. Open the Scripts Panel




2. Right-click the User folder and choose “Reveal in Finder”



3. Drag “ExportPDFs-InApp.scpt”*** into the Scripts Panel folder

***IMPORTANT: These steps apply for adding any other InDesign script.
For example, this is also where you will install “EndOfAdIssueDetector-WithExportPDF.scpt”



The script should now appear in your Scripts Panel.



File Path to Scripts Folder:

Admin > Library > Adobe InDesign > Version X.X*  > en_US >  Scripts > Scripts Panel

*The Version will be 2 items higher than the CS#, e.g., (CS4 = Version 6.0) (CC = Version 10.0)

If you do not have a “Scripts” folder you can make one, but you must name it exactly as Scripts with a capital “S” in Scripts.