Jul 132011

myDESIGNcenter (MDC) Upload Requirements:

The items on this page pertain to guidelines for images that you intend to upload via myDESIGNcenter. For all other questions regarding the use of myDESIGNcenter,  please visit the “Help” section found on the myDESIGNcenter website.

• If you are a franchise with access to myDESIGNcenter, you can browse and upload images directly from your local computer into myDESIGNcenter. You can later access these images and attach them to an Ad’s Change Request form.

• myDESIGNcenter also provides the functionality to browse and attach images from your local computer directly into a Change Request form in progress.

myDESIGNcenter Template Ads provide additional functionality, which enables you to upload and insert logos and/or maps directly into their respective locations within the Template Ad. This allows you to render and preview your logo/map within the layout prior to submission.


myDESIGNcenter (MDC): Supported File Formats & Image Resolution:

  • All files must be saved as color mode CMYK* or Grayscale*
  • Effective resolution is 600 dpi minimum for raster/bitmap images containing text.
    300 dpi is acceptable if no text is present.
  • When submitting line-art it is required that all text be outlined.
  • Do not save images with embedded profiles.
  • Do not use spot colors in your artwork.

Supported File Formats:

PDF – Must be single page PDF.

If using Adobe Illustrator CS5 save files with Illustrator CS4 compatibility.

*Valpak will attempt to convert any RGB or spot colors to CMYK or Grayscale whenever possible but cannot guarantee quality or color accuracy and the file will not be eligible for credit.

It is preferred that file names be limited to 30 characters in length using only alpha and numeric characters, dashes, periods and underscores.


IMPORTANT: Images submitted that do not follow Valpak guidelines

  • Valpak will not issue franchise calls for artwork that does not follow Valpak submission guidelines.
  • Valpak will attempt to convert any RGB or spot colors to CMYK or Grayscale whenever possible but cannot guarantee quality or color accuracy.
  • Valpak may attempt to improve poor quality artwork for printing purposes. In this process an image may be altered slightly from its original state to improve the final printed image.

IMPORTANT: It is the responsibility of the franchise to submit artwork following Valpak submission guidelines. Artwork not submitted following Valpak submission guidelines will not be eligible for credit.



This video demonstrates how compress and upload an InDesign Press Ready Packaged Ad to the Valpak servers.

Upload A Package Ad.mov


For those using MDC to submit these ads to home office for processing, please watch this video carefully for an explanation on how to access the “MDC Press Ready (Package) Ad Order Form” template on MDC.


MDC Package Ad.mov


Click here for Map guidelines

Click here for Barcode guidelines