When working with PhotoSource images obtained through Inside Valpak, please keep in mind that these are low resolution preview images intended for display reference only for offices and sales representatives. These images are not of a quality suitable for print and the license we have with the image suppliers does not allow us to redistribute the full quality originals.

If you are a franchise artist that has access to Inside Valpak you may browse Valpakā€™s PhotoSource image library by clicking this link: PhotoSource Library
PhotoSource Library requires an insidevalpak.com password.


For use in your own designs, there are a multitude of options available from micro-stock agencies. Just a few of these agencies are listed below:

When purchasing/ downloading from these agencies, pay special attention to their licensing terms. While the basic license should cover most use scenarios, some large print orders may require an extended license and promotional items (such as free downloads) may come with different usage terms.

Valpak will treat any image from these sources uploaded to us as we would any other digital file and under the terms of the franchise agreement, we’ll assume you have the proper licensing for their images/ artwork as long as they do not contain watermarks.

Below is an example of a watermarked image. These are available on all  the stock sites listed as “Comp” (Composition) or “FPO” (For Placement Only) images. They’re low resolution files supplied by the agencies for use in basic layouts for initial approval before purchasing the images. We cannot accept these. We are not allowed to remove these watermarks or print unlicensed images that have them. If you’ve purchased a license for an image, the agency will provide a link to download a full resolution file without watermarks.


When looking for images on these sites, be sure to check the size of the image you are about to get. Many offer a variety of size options at various price points. While it’s tempting to save money downloading files listed as Small, Extra Small, or Web Sized, these will not have enough detail to print acceptably on Valpak coupons.

This image is okay on screen but was saved for the web & needs to be scaled very small to look good printed.