It’s definitely not the easiest tool to use in Illustrator, but it can be useful on occasion.


And for a much deeper dive into this powerful tool…

I never thought I would actually need this feature until I was creating a recent logo that called for a similar effect.



There’s more than 5 great features covered in this excellent video!

There’s nothing wrong with using the Pathfinder, but do not dismiss the power of the Shape Builder tool.

This video touches upon some basic tips using Photoshop and then Illustrator, such as “Live Trace”,  “Simplify”,  and using the “Smooth Tool” to create a nice vector logo from a relatively poor quality JPEG logo.

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This is good video that describes the fundamentals of how groups work in Illustrator.


Working with the Pathfinder panel in InDesign and Illustrator is one of the fastest, easiest, and most accurate ways to create complex shapes. Before you can make use of this powerful feature, you need to understand it. Here we’ll detail what the standard Pathfinder tools do in both InDesign and Illustrator.

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Cheryl Graham reveals the time saving advantages of using appearance attributes through the appearance panel for the Adobe® Creative® Suite Learning Center.



Adobe’s Creative Suite of applications are capable of creating some truly jaw dropping designs. Unfortunately though, when they’re acting up, the frustration felt trying to get them to work can be equally jaw dropping. In this post, I’ll reveal a quick little tip for fixing many such problems.

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