Although it’s a bit old, I find this to be one of the better videos that describes how to use “Content Aware Scale” in conjunction with a saved selection to protect an area from being affected in the process.



This feature is useful for landscape images, especially those where the horizon line is not level.


This powerful new feature will serve as a good starting point to help silhouette an image from its background


More detail about this feature can be found here.


If you are ambitious and wish to learn some things you “definitely” have never seen before done in Photoshop then watch this “VERY” advanced video:



Whether or not you will ever use this on a coupon image, it’s fun to play with nonetheless


It’s definitely not the easiest tool to use in Illustrator, but it can be useful on occasion.


And for a much deeper dive into this powerful tool…


This post contains useful tips that will help you get the best “Custom” ad order back from Valpak home office.

Click Here to Download the PowerPoint presentation shared at the CU Office Managers Session in Orlando FL. But keep in mind that the PowerPoint is lacking a great deal of information that is included within the website below.

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This video explains the “Shadows/Highlights” function, which might be one of my favorite and most often used Photoshop features.

In theory, “Shadow/Highlights” should be used on about 80% of the images we receive from our franchises.




This is a rather lengthy video. But it is very useful and touches upon a few important tools within Photoshop, such as “Hue/Saturation”, “Color Range”, “Color Balance” and of course using adjustment layers as layer masks to hide/reveal objects beneath, which I hope you already do?


This video explains a quick method for fixing blurry images In Photoshop using the “High Pass” filter.



This is a quick video that demonstrates how to match the colors from one image to the next.

Please note that the video includes making a selection around the subject matter. This might not always be necessary if both images you are trying to match are fairly close in tonality and you wish to match the entire color range of one image to the colors of the other image.



Here are the Valpak guidelines for offer placement to ensure that offers on both ad sides will back-up or not back-up correctly when printed.

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I never thought I would actually need this feature until I was creating a recent logo that called for a similar effect.


“Live Corners” was introduced in CS5. It is such a cool and useful feature that I thought it was worthy to include a video that demonstrates its usage.



There’s more than 5 great features covered in this excellent video!

There’s nothing wrong with using the Pathfinder, but do not dismiss the power of the Shape Builder tool.

This might be one of the best tutorials I have seen that covers a lot of key Photoshop fundamentals beyond just the “Clone Stamp Tool”.

This brief video will demonstrate some essential keyboard shortcuts and methods of adjusting your brush size and hardness.



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The video below touches upon most of blending modes, just in case you do not understand them as much as you would like.




You might have noticed that the presenter in the video above states that he seldom uses the “Difference” blending mode. I disagree with him and use the “Difference” blending mode quite often. This brief video showcases how, when, and why you might want to use the “Difference” blending mode.

Quite possibly the most useful adjustment dialog in Photoshop to quickly improve upon underexposed images. Or in other words, fix those dark images that lack detail in the shadows.



The Green Layer action is an easy and helpful tool to use  when working on a logo or image that requires the removal of a background in Photoshop. The solid color layers produced and layer effects applied by the action make it easily to spot left over pixels that may have been difficult to otherwise see on screen.

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So what do they mean by: “Amount”, “Radius” and “Threshold” within Photoshop’s “Unsharp Mask” filter? Well, this very brief down and dirty website explains the basics and also provides a few pointers on using this essential Photoshop filter.

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A good video demonstrating basic Photoshop features that everybody should know.

In this video tutorial from Adobe, Russel Brown explains how the History Brush in Photoshop works and how to use it.

This tool can be tricky, but it is worth learning and using.

Basically more clone tool maneuvers

This video touches upon some basic tips using Photoshop and then Illustrator, such as “Live Trace”,  “Simplify”,  and using the “Smooth Tool” to create a nice vector logo from a relatively poor quality JPEG logo.

[jwplayer mediaid=”17753″]

[jwplayer mediaid=”17603″] 

This post will show you how to create and use a custom PDF Optimizer Setting that will allow you to outline fonts within a PDF even if the fonts are not installed on your system.

IMPORTANT: The steps below feature screen shots using Acrobat Pro version 9.0. Creating the custom PDF Optimizer Settings are similar but slightly different using Adobe Acrobat Pro X. The video at the end of this post covers how to create the necessary custom settings using Ado Acrobat Pro X. More importantly, the video demonstrates a trick using a watermark that will ALWAYS work in outlining fonts within your PDF.

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This is good video that describes the fundamentals of how groups work in Illustrator.

In this series of short videos, we’ll walk through an easy technique for adjusting the contrast in and fixing the color cast in a client supplied image.

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